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World Envoys’ Summit is scheduled 1st-2nd June, 2022 at Park Plaza County Hall, London and 14th-16th December, 2022 at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge , London for the Special and Main Sessions respectively on the theme “Reviving Multilateralism Towards a Sustainable Future”. The summit will bring together one thousand young people from various countries on one platform to nurture their diplomatic and leadership skills in order to be effective leaders in the near future.

The summit will consists of two forms of simulation; the United Nations(UN) member states envoyship where participants(delegates) will be assigned as representatives of the member states of the UN in an agency/body of the UN to present the position of the member state on an issue before the committee(the particular simulating agency). They will role-play as Ambassadors who are normally appointed by various governments to represent them in specific deliberations or operations. For instance, a participant may be assigned as a representative of the Republic of Ghana to the World Health Organization(WHO) where they will debate on “The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health of People”. Such delegate will present a position paper on behalf of the Republic of Ghana in the WHO simulating committee.

The second form of the simulation is the special envoyship of the UN. Special Envoys are very crucial to the organization’s work. They are individuals from different member states of the UN who have been assigned specific roles by the Secretary-General, the Security Council or a deliberative body of the UN to represent him and/or lead a number of mandated operations. They sometimes have expertise and goodwill to deal with a specific issue and are therefore mandated to address those challenging issues. Sometimes, Special Envoys are people who have held a high-level position in the UN. They may be called Special Representatives, Envoys and Advisers. The Secretary-General can also appoint Personal Representatives. Such Envoys include the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Envoy.

Participants in this form of simulation will be required to perform some globalized broader given assignments unlike individual country representatives whose positions on the issues will be the ones that interest the particular UN member state. The various leadership roles of the Specialized Agencies of the UN such as the Director General of the World Trade Organization will also be assigned to participants under this category.

The summit is a platform to equip participants with diplomatic and leadership skills in research, writing, public speaking and negotiations and to also widen their network base. Participants of the summit will have the privilege to interact with seasoned and experienced diplomats, academics and international relations experts on various topics in order to have first hand information on how diplomacy works.