Participants of World Envoys’ Summit 2022 are responsible for their trips to the United Kingdom by using appropriate documents and means of transportation.

It is important that each participant arriving outside of the United Kingdom enquires about visa requirements before arranging trip. Kindly consult the United Kingdom government’s travel advice here to know whether a travel visa is required; and to have instructions on how to obtain it.

Request for summit invitation letter in advance before the visa application appointment date at the Embassy. Please allow the team at least 5 business days for a response.

All interested individuals and groups should register for the World Envoys’ Summit 2022 and confirm their attendance by paying the required participation fee at least 60days to the first day of the summit schedule. An invitation letter will not be issued until the full summit participation fee has been paid.

Requests from a group should only come from the group leader and must include the following details of all members of the group; full name (as indicated in passport), date of birth, country of citizenship, passport number and passport expiry date. Note that, due to the high volume of requests received by Pertrients Team, only one letter per group will be issued with the names of all the members mentioned in the said letter.

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An early booking of flight guarantees better prices. However, all participants should arrange and secure accommodation prior to the booking of flights.

All participants below the age of 18 years must report or attend the summit with a Faculty Advisor or a guardian. Information about the Faculty Advisor/Guardian must be provided to the Pertrients team during summit application. Faculty Advisors/Guardians are required to pay summit participation fee.

Make early request: Contact the UK Embassy early enough to apply for the visa (if visa is required to travel to the UK). Send the invitation letter and other relevant documents to the Embassy on the visa appointment date.
All international participants must inform the Team about their itinerary at least, five days before the arrival date.

Arrive as scheduled: Participants are expected to undergo attendance registration between 15:00 BST to 20:00 BST on the day before the summit schedule. Departure from the recommended hotels is by 11:00 BST on the day after the summit schedule. You may arrive earlier and/or leave later date based on additional bookings subject to availability.

Always keep with you, an electronic copy of your invitation letter during your trip. Further, we suggest you show your return air-ticket and information on any other places you will visit during your stay in the United Kingdom to the authorities in charge.

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