Distinguished Participant,

It is of great honor to be of service to others, whether it is on a big stage or small. The work of diplomats is integral to sustaining peace, health and prosperity for individuals, UN member states and the global community. As young and budding diplomats, we are on the cusp of developing ourselves to being worthy servants to humanity on an individual level, state level and on the global level. Therefore, I welcome each one of you to the World Envoys’ Summit 2022; the summit envisioned to contribute to the building of the world’s next global servant leaders.

Over the course of this 3-day summit, like-minded individuals from across the globe will meet in the culturally rich city of London to engage in debates, training and discourse on topics that are relevant to current and future global affairs. The theme for this conference is “Reviving Multilateralism Towards a Sustainable Future”. We all have in one way or the other, been affected by the tensions rippled through the world by the global pandemic, economic, climate or security crisis. These events have caused rifts in international relations and have jeopardized the building of a more sustainable world. Thankfully, all hope isn’t lost, for we; the youth, we have the opportunity to pick up the mantle of leadership and move the world towards an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

I personally look forward to engaging with you all during this summit. I encourage you to not take lightly the roles given, whether you are the representative of a sovereign nation or a special envoy of a particular discipline. You will be equipped with essential tools of leadership; your ideologies and theories will be challenged, and your network will be expanded. In the end we all, would leave to our respective countries ready, to make a change.

Welcome once again.

Jesse Clifford Akosa