To apply for World Envoys’ Summit 2022, applicants must thoroughly and carefully read, understand and accept these policies.

Board of Directors of Pertrients Inc. and the Summit Host are the only people empowered to grant exceptions to any of these policies or other general Pertrients practices. Pertrients is not liable for any erroneous statements made by other staff members regarding exceptions to policies.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, all participants should strictly observe all necessary COVID-19 protocols laid down by recommended hotels and the United Kingdom (U.K) government. Such protocols may include but not limited to regular hand-washing with soap under running water; the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer; mandatory wearing of face mask; and social distancing.

  • We respect privacy. Pertrients reserves the right to utilize all data submitted by participants of the Summit and to collect data in the form of photographs or videos during the Summit without limitations. Such photos, videos, and other audio/visual material taken and/or recorded by Pertrients, featuring any individual including guests may be used and published for promotional, educational, or other purposes by Pertrients and its partners.

  • Pertrients does not encourage plagiarism. Participants must present unique and original ideas. Participants must take serious steps to credit the original sources of all quoted and paraphrased materials in their works and presentations before and/or during the Summit.

  • All participants agree that no data, results, and materials for use during the conference will be disseminated by means of publications, reports, conferences, or any other form without the express written consent from Pertrients of which these products, data, results, and materials are its exclusive property.

  • Pertrients reserves the right to update and change information without further notice.
  • Participants are responsible for the safety of their valuables. Pertrients and the management of recommended hotels are not responsible for belongings left in Summit rooms or in buses.

  • For security reasons, participants are required to wear the Summit embossed tags throughout the Summit period. Participants without tags may not be allowed to access certain facilities and services. Participants must report cases of lost badges to Summit staff immediately for replacement at extra fees.

Pertrients and Summit Team reserves the right to immediately expel a participant from the Summit due to unacceptable behavior. Pertrients reserves the right to define appropriate conference behaviour and is particularly sensitive to issues involving displays of disrespect to other participants, Guests and Summit Team. Pertrients shall have no responsibility for any expense incurred by any such participant. All consequential costs of participant’s expulsion shall be borne by the participant without recourse to refund of unused Summit benefits. All participation materials including badges must be surrendered to Pertrients staff once expelled. No certificate of participation shall be given to such participant.

There shall be no refund of any amount paid as Summit fees under any circumstance. In the event that meeting venues, activities, Summit agenda or any other parts or all of the Summit program are not available, delayed, changed, postponed, canceled or otherwise not provided, Pertrients reserves the right to provide such substitutions or supplementary services within 180 days from the first day of the event as can be secured or provided at no additional cost to Pertrients. Under no circumstances whatsoever will Pertrients be liable to the participant and/or individual for any amount exceeding the total cost of the program per Individual. Price differences shall be paid by the participant.

The Summits will take place on June 01 – 02, 2022 and December 14 – 16, 2022 and shall not be cancelled except by circumstances beyond Pertrients’ control including acts of God, strikes, war, civil disorder, terrorist attack, health pandemic, crime, etc. Pertrients shall cancel the Summits without any refund of any Summits fees paid.

    • Consumption and/or possession of alcohol at the Summits by minors will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If a minor is found to possess, consume and/or to have possessed or to have consumed alcohol at the Summit, the participant will be immediately expelled from the Summit and hotel; criminal complaints may be pursued against the participant in question.


    • Controlled substances are likewise illegal and intolerable. The participant found to unlawfully possess or use, or to have unlawfully possessed or used any controlled substance will be immediately expelled from the Summit and hotels; criminal complaints may be pursued against the participant in question.


  • Cigarette smoking is only allowed at designated smoking areas in the recommended hotels.
  • Applicants hereby certify by completing the application process that all information submitted is truthful and accurate. The applicant understands that falsification of any information provided will disqualify him or her from participation in the Summit and future Pertrients activities, and falsification of information or impersonation will result in legal actions.

  • Participants are expected and obliged to obey the laws of UK while participating in the Summit.

  • Participants understands full assumption of risk and acknowledge that Pertrients and Summit Team do not assume any responsibility for the conduct and activities of the participant.

  • Participants shall be held responsible for any willful or negligent damage to Pertrients, Queen Elizabeth II Centre and recommended hotels properties, and that they will also to be held responsible for the replacement and/or compensation of any damage been held responsible to have caused.

The parties agree that any and all claims arising under this Agreement, including but not limited to claims arising by statute or by contract, tort, or in equity, shall be construed pursuant to the Laws of United States. Other rules as established by Queen Elizabeth II Centre, recommended hotels and common sense shall be applied. The Pertrients reserves the right to issue additional rules or to alter existing rules at any time.