Special Session

United Nations Security Council

Topic: The current situation in Ukraine.

Main Session

Presentations by Special Envoys

Reviews by Special Envoys on the 2020 Annual Reports of the various Envoyship/Agency assigned.

Lectures on:

Topic 1. The Ethics in Diplomacy.

Topic 2. What Envoys Do to Achieve Their Goals.

1.United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Topic A: Addressing Plastic Waste Management and its impact on the oceans.

Topic B: Advancing a Green Economy towards Sustainability.

2. United Nations Development Programme(UNDP).

Topic A: Strengthening Partnerships for Sustainable. Development in Least
Developed Countries.

Topic B: Mobilizing Financial Resources for Developing Countries Towards the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals Post COVID-19.

3. World Trade Organization(WTO).

Topic A: Reforming the International Trade System Post COVID-19.

Topic B: Building Resilient Economies:
How Reforms on World Trade Agreements on Investment Facilitation Can Contribute to Post COVID-19 Recovery.

  1. Positioning the Youth Towards the Achievement of the Global Goals.
  2. Promoting Global Peace with the Youth as Agents.